Round 9: Tunica Hills


401 Dorothy Street

Lafayette, LA 70501


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ROUND 9:     Tunica Hills             St. Francisville, LA

Very important for people coming from the North.

It is defiantly shorter to take Sligo Rd from the North but you will have to cross Bayou Sara. The bridge has a weight limit of 5-Tons and has a sign saying cross at your own risk. It’s a low lying concrete bridge on wooden pillars. I spoke to the land owner and he has seen a lot of heavy loads cross with no problems and he feels that campers shouldn’t have a problem. The bridge is at the entrance to the race so if you are concerned just take the longer way and come from the South and you can look at the bridge during the weekend and decide if you want to take it home.


As for the race!!

Everything is looking amazing! This race will have a little of everything a really nice grassy camping area by a big pond with a rope swing and access to the Bayou to go swimming and play in the sand. The course: Grass Track, Single Track, Technical Hilly Jeep trails, Big Hills, Rolling Hills. It also has a variety of Top Soil, Clay, and Sand.


We really look forward to this new venue and we hope to see everyone there.


Saturday and Sunday Race Flyers HERE.

If you would like to pre-register click HERE. **Pre-Registration closes on Thursday, September 27 at 8pm **

If you would like to print and fill out your entry form ahead of time click HERE. Please note that there are separate forms for ATV/UTV, Bikes, and Pre-Entry, **FORMS MUST BE BROUGHT TO SIGN UP, NO EMAILED OR MAILED IN FORMS ACCEPTED**

All minors (17&under) will need to have a minor release signed by both parents. All minors will need to have a form handed in at the gate, and all minor participants will need to have a yearly form at sign up. Click HERE to preprint/fill out the minor release.


Entry Fees:


Pre-entry Fees:                          Main Event Classes- $42

Youth Classes- $22

Pit Bike Classes–$22

Entry Fees(not pre-entered):   Main Event Classes- $50

Youth Classes- $30

Pit Bike Classes–$30



Click HERE for a general Practice/Race Schedule.



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