Round 5: Tunica Hills Important Information


401 Dorothy Street

Lafayette, LA 70501


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Round 5:  Tunica Hills                          ST. francisville, la


⛔️Bridge out on Sligo Road ⛔️.
✖️If you are coming from Hwy 66 you must pass up Sligo Rd and turn right on Ouida Irondale Road and go all the way until it “Ts” into Sligo Rd and turn left.
✖️Yes it is faster to come from Hwy 61 and turn on Rosemond Loop Road and then turn on Sligo Rd, but you have to cross the narrow one lane sketchy bridge.

❌❌❌Be careful of the large ditch when turning into the campground with big campers❌❌❌

👙 Don’t forget to bring your swimsuits to go swim in the creek.


Earlier this year we committed to running a 2-moto format to try something new for the series. We wanted to make sure that a large amount of people enjoyed this format. Yes there was more people who elected for the 1-moto format, but with a good bit of interest in the 2-moto format we have decided to stick with our original commitment 2-moto a for the remainder of the 2020 season. We will look back into this at the start of the 2021 season.


Saturday and Sunday Race Flyers HERE. 

If you would like to pre-register click HERE. **Pre-Registration closes on Thursday, May 21 at 8pm ** (PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOT REFUNDABLE/TRANSFERABLE)

If you would like to print and fill out your entry form ahead of time click HERE. Please note that there are separate forms for ATV/UTV, Bikes, and Pre-Entry, **FORMS MUST BE BROUGHT TO SIGN UP, NO EMAILED OR MAILED IN FORMS ACCEPTED**

All minors (17&under) will need to have a minor release signed by both parents.  All minors will need to have a form handed in at the gate, and all minor participants will need to have a yearly form at sign up.  Click HERE to preprint/fill out the minor release.


Entry Fees:


Pre-entry Fees:                            Pro Class (Bikes Only)- $62

All Other Main Event Classes- $42

UTV Youth Classes- $42

Youth Classes- $22


Entry Fees(not pre-entered):    Pro Class (Bikes Only)-  $70

All Other Main Event Classes- $50

UTV Youth Class- $50

Youth Classes- $30













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