We currently have a big problem with sandbagging. After looking at lap times and where people finished at rd.1 we will be bumping some riders up. We have been going back and forth on the best way to do this and we have decided basically if you would have finished in the top three in the class in front of you at rd.1 you will be bumped up. Yes your points will carry over from rd.1 and yes you will be allowed to keep your same number. If you finished very close to the top three you might also get bumped up. We know this is going to upset some people but its what needs to be done its not fair to the riders in the back that never have a chance.

If you have already pre-registered for rd.2 and this affects you don’t worry we will fix it and you will be notified when you come to sign-up.


If you are wondering if this affects you or any other questions you can contact Ryan at or 337-224-0829.

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